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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a survey be run by itself and not be attached to an event?  
  2. Can the registration type fee/amount for an event be changed once registrations have started being taken?  
  3. Do I need a Terms & Conditions for my registrations?  
  4. How can people register for an event which requires a payment, yet they are not prompted to enter their credit card details?  
  5. How to add a Barcode ticket on Confirmations  
  6. How to add Logos and Images in text  
  7. How to change the date a survey goes out?  
  8. How to Check In Attendees to mark as Attended  
  9. How to do Test Registrations & Payments  
  10. How to Insert other Information in the Confirmation/Tax Invoice Page  
  11. How to let your participants know that your event is closed or sold out?  
  12. How to provision international states.  
  13. How to send more than one Reminder  
  14. How to set up a project to accept Donations  
  15. How to setup a Landing Page to list grouped projects  
  16. How to Setup a Membership payment site?  
  17. How to Setup a Table of 10 or Group registration  
  18. I forgot to set the Reminder. How do I send a Reminder now?  
  19. I have many registration or custom question options. How can I make the page look more presentable?  
  20. Is there a Manual of Help Videos / Tutorials?  
  21. I’m organising artwork for my event. How do I get a link that I can use for my planned event?  
  22. My events are GST free but the Attendee's Tax Invoice says includes GST  
  23. My Events Show Ads  
  24. Paypal Credit Card Payments  
  25. The Leading zero ("0") is missing from mobile and phone numbers  
  26. What are Administrative Codes?  
  27. What are the Event Limits and Purchase Order Limits?  
  28. What is the difference between the “End Sales” and “Close Site” dates in Step 6?  
  29. What Project URL Address Link do I use  
  30. What type of payments can I accept  
  31. When re-sending an email confirmation to a group, will each individual get a confirmation or just the person who did the original booking?  
  32. Why does my project still show Open when it is "closed"  
  33. Why don't my registrants see the discount code in the Landing page?  
  34. Why the Content in the Registration Form is not Showing  

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