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How to setup a Landing Page to list grouped projects

Suits trade shows or event location where they each have a different  date.

We'll use a Wine Show here as an example. The best way of doing things is to setup a new project (or  if you already one set up  "Copy this Event" (in Setup) and then make this copy specific to your first location). 

Then add the special Group Tag/Code in Step 6 with the word (eg ‘wineshow’).

Then "Copy this Event" (in Setup) and setup the next project eg. 'Wine Show 2' (making sure it has the Group Tag ‘wineshow’ as well). Each date/project (Wine Show in this case) is essentially its own project in My Booking Manager. 

Then setup a Landing Page/Index Page via the ‘My Account’ section for the projects/seminars. In the instructions on the page, you can see where to include the Group Tag ‘wineshow’ so that all the projects/seminars will dynamically load in the Landing page (Eg you would use "[Projects_wineshow]". 

You can then publish the address of the landing page to people so that they can see the links to all the projects/seminars eg. 'Wine Show 1', 'Wine Show 2' etc. They click on the link for the project/seminar they wish to attend and book for that project/seminar. Each seminar is its own project and has only one specific date to attend. The reminders then use that date inside the reminder email and that date is also used as the reference point for the number of days before the event, the reminder should be sent.

Then make copies for all your other locations, including the Group Tag/Code in Step 6 with the word ‘wineshow’ and you will see they will automatically appear on the landing page as well.

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