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How to Setup a Table of 10 or Group registration
There are two possible solutions to setting up a Table of Ten (or any number you choose):

1. Set the Table of Ten Reg Type min 10, max 10 (eg "Table of Ten ($700) @ $70 each").
The last part of this video (2:10) shows how to do this.
The limitation with this method is that a person can only book one Table of 10 in one transaction. Also all the questions for the first registration will be shown for the remaining nine (this is simplified however by the copy feature).

Note: When the project is in preview mode, including Setup, the table of 10 may show as unavailable due to the limit on the number of test registrations allowed in preview mode. (If temporarily set to 9 or less, this function can be previewed)

2. Set the Table of Ten Reg Type to min 1, and max as high as you like. (eg Table of Ten ($700) @ $700 each).
Only if you want to collect the names for each quest on the table, then add a custom question for each of the other 9 guests (eg Guest 2-Name, Guest 2-email, Guest 2-Organisation). Click edit and more, then check the Table 10 reg type. That way these extra questions will only show for the table of 10 and not any individual registration Reg Types you may have. Then use the copy function to copy each of the guest questions for the remaining 8 and edit the title of each. You can add a space line between each guest questions to make the registration page visually presentable.

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