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What do I do with Hold registrations?
1. Should I ignore them or cancel them? That would depend on the desired outcome. If the registrant only had payment issues and still wishes to continue with the registration, then there's no need to cancel. The registrant just needs to complete the payment for it to be in Active Status. But if the registrant decides not to continue with it, then you can cancel it. To make payments for On Hold Registrations, please refer to this link:

2. I see two registrations of the same name – one is Active, one is Hold – what do I do? Double check if both registrations are the same. If they're the same and the other one just seems to be a duplicate, then you have to cancel the one that is on Hold status. But if they are under one name but 2 separate registrations, you should check why the other one is on hold. If it's a payment issue, advise the registrant about it and ask them to try to make the payment again.

 Last updated Tue, Jun 25 2013 9:00pm

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