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Is there a Manual of Help Videos / Tutorials?
While we've tried to make setting up your events in easy steps, we've also provided a number of excellent resources to help you become familiar with My Booking Manager.

  1. Video Guide. This is like a video manual. On each Setup step, simply click on the little video icon to view details on setting up each step. Alternatively you can view these videos at , or by clicking on this Youtube link.
  2. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) knowledge base is an excellent resources to find answers on often asked questions. You can access the FAQ by clicking on the Support Link on the top right of your Management Console page. Use simple key word searches to find the relevant topics.
  3. The help link at the top of the page provides very comprehensive information on all the features of My Booking Manager.
  4. If you need that little extra assistance to get you started or answer a question unique to your project, either open a ticket via the Support link above, email or phone (08) 8370 3737 Option 2.

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