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Why does “Session Timeout” appear when loading the registration site?
A 'timed out' or 'this session has timed out' message during the registration process may occur if the initial page being loaded is via a hyperlink on another web page. The likely cause is the My Booking Manager page loads within a frame whereby the required My Booking Manager cookies are lost in the process.

The problem can be identified when clicking on the hyperlink (eg let's call the web site with a hyperlink "Enter Here" that links to eg:

When clicking on the "Enter Here" link, if the My Booking Manager pages opens and still shows the original web site link (eg, then it's possible it may cause timeouts.  A solution is to make the sure the hyperlink target is set to open in a new window.

If the My Booking Manager pages opens and displays the event link (eg, then all should be ok.  

 Last updated Tue, Jun 25 2013 9:00pm

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