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Why is PayPal asking people to sign into their PayPal account to make a payment for an event registration?
When PayPal asks people to sign into their PayPal account instead of providing the Credit Card option, this occurs if the email address used (in Step 1 of the setup) is not a Paypal business or premier account, or if in fact it is not even a paypal email address. (eg you can make up any email address and it will have the same affect.)

If you have successfully taken credit card payments with your Paypal email address prior, please check it is the correct email and has not been spelled incorrectly as may happen when a new project is setup. If this does not resolve the matter you would need to contact Paypal.

You can verify the system is working correctly if you temporarily use our Paypal Business email address (accounts @ You should then find the credit card option appears.

Also, a condition found with Paypal is that once a person has paid 5 times with a credit card (to the same supplier) (but their email address shows they have a paypal account) the system no longer extends ‘guest’ payment without logging in to their paypal account. There appears to be no work around with paypal.


 Last updated Tue, Jun 25 2013 9:00pm

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