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Camtech Console | How to do a refund.

1)    Login to the Camtech Console ( )

2)    Click on the Search menu

3)    Enter the order number if you have it or just do a search on a date range

4)    From the list of transactions shown, click on the 'View' (far right of the page) that corresponds with the payment that you want to do a refund for

5)    Click on the 'Refund' button

6)    Enter the Authorization code

7)    Click on the 'Pay Now' button

- Transactions are updated every 15 minutes.
- The limit with this is that Camtech only stores the card details for 3 months after the payment.
- To obtain an Authorisation Code or change your  account password, contact Camtech at

 Last updated Tue, Jun 25 2013 9:00pm

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