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How To Make Payments For On Hold or Outstanding Balance Registrations
For any registration with an outstanding balance, such as on hold registrations or declined credit cards transactions, a simple way to remind people to pay is to use the Email Registrations function (Manage Tab/ Admin Tasks). This makes it easy to remind unpaid attendees to pay.You can either select the email to be sent for Hold status registrations and/or only those with balances greater than zero. You can set up multiple reminder emails regularly scheduled prior to the event.

To use a sample script ready to go:
1. Download it here:   *
2. In the email editor, click on "Source" and then paste the contents of the file into the editor.
3. Unclick "Source" and edit as required.
You can preview the email to see how the email will appear with all the merge fields.

Alternatively you can simply include the link below (which is included in the above script) directly in an email using "Email Registrants". The link will automatically merge in the [field] information:[email]&ID2=[regID]&ID3=[eventCode]

email: registrant's email address
regID: registrant's registration ID
eventCode: Event number (eg E11999888999999)

For better appearance you could simply hyperlink some text with this link. Eg: PAY NOW

You can email the above link directly to an Attendee. First you need to replace each of the 3 fields with the event and Attendee information.

On the home page for an event, if your event has the ‘Already Registered’ section active, the user can enter their name and registration ID to be taken to the details of their registration. From there, they can click on the ‘Make Payment’ button to finalise the registration with a credit card payment. Note: The ‘Already Registered’ section can't be hidden (as in Step 2 of Setup)

For all outstanding balances, a red "Make a Payment" button appears in the Review Registration menu. This is useful to take payments on behalf of an Attendee, such as an over the phone credit card payment.

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