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How to add a Barcode ticket on Confirmations
Adding a barcode tickets to event confirmations allows you to scan the ticket  using a normal barcode scanner or a QR code scanner. Apart from creating a  ticket look, the main benefit to you is it would allow you to scan attendees “tickets” using readily available QR Code Scanner apps on smart phones.  You can  then download the list of all actual attendees and if required use that to update your database. 
You can try a simple demo event at

n this demonstration the QR Code and Bar Code Ticket is displayed on the Tax Invoice/ Confirmation page (as per example above). The QR Code and Bar Code are coded with the registration confirmation Registration ID.

To update your confirmation page to include the QR Code and Barcode ticket:
1. Download the updated html code by clicking here.
2. In the Confirmation text editor (Step 4), click "Source" and delete all existing code.
3. Simply copy the new code into the Confirmation editor.
4. Click "Source" to return to the normal edit mode.
Note: the barcode will only show in preview mode or when live .

(A copy of just the QR Code and Barcode ticket html code can be downloaded by clicking here)
By default the barcode is set for Code 39. This can be changed in the code. Please refer to

A QR code is also included as it allows the convenience to use just about any smart phone (with a QR Reader app) to scan the QR code.

Note the generation of these codes uses third party sources and as such is dependent on the availability of these providers.

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