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How to Add Complimentary or Free Sponsorship Registrations
If you wish to add Complimentary or free Sponsorship registrations here's some options:

Here's some alternative options.

1. in the Setup tab, use "Copy this Event" to create a duplicate copy of your existing project. Change the cost of this new project to $0 and use this project for your invited guests. Disadvantage is you have two projects for the same event.

2. In step 6 add a coupon code. Select 100% discount and use a Discount Code like "Complimentary5813" as that will appear on the confirmation to discount the full price to give a balance of $0.  To keep it generic to the public, may be call the Coupon Code "Office use only" and/or simply delete this as soon as you have added all the complimentary registrations in.

3. Add a reg type of $0 (call it eg "Sponsors" or "Guests" - whatever will not apply to public paying guests). Simply disable it as soon you have added all the complimentary registrations. Enable temporarily again if you have more to add.

4. In the Management Console  via the Manage tab/ Admin Tasks use Add Registrations. When adding a registration this way, don't select the Credit Card radio button to avoid payment.  Choose not to send the invoice. This will mark the registration status as on "hold" (meaning payment has not been received.  To change the balance to zero, add a "payment"  via Manage: Reports/Preview Registrations/...Enter a Payment/Refund/Credit (this is not an actual payment but updates  records only), then change status to Active). Then resend invoice.

Option 2 or 4 are probably the recommended options depending on the number of sponsors.
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