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What type of payments can I accept
My Booking Manager allows you to accept either or all of the following types of payments. 
  1. Bank Credit card Merchant account. This must be an online merchant account. In this case My Booking Manager directs the payments to your bank. My Booking Manager does not access any of your payments as the funds go straight to your bank account.
  2. PayPal. Using a Paypal Business or Premier account, all you need to start collecting payments is your PayPal email address and My Booking Manager looks after the rest. People paying to attend your events do not have to have a PayPal account as they can choose the pay by credit card only option.
  3. Pay By Other. This option allows you to accept all other forms of other payment such as EFT, cheques, cash, etc. In this case the registration will be marked with an outstanding balance. Once you receive the payment, you can then manually mark the registration as paid.  When using Pay by Other you would then include in the Confirmation, details on how to pay such as your Bank account details. For example.
PAYMENT OPTIONS (If NOT paid now by Credit Card):
1. Cash: Please pay _________
2. Cheque: Please make cheques payable to [Your Organisation] to [your postal address]
3. Direct Debit: BSB 000-000, Acct: 0000000. Please reply email with a copy of the bank transfer.
This Confirmation serves as a Tax Invoice/receipt for GST purposes when payment is received 

The different types of payments are set up in Step "1. General"  in the Setup Tab. Note the bank 
Credit Card merchant account option will only show once your bank merchant  account has been setup.

Please also refer FAQ Topic 60 (How Do I Setup An Online Credit Card Merchant Account)

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