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How Do I Setup An Online Credit Card Merchant Account
About Online Merchant Account for credit card payments
To collect credit card payments you need to set up a merchant account facility. You can either use your own bank merchant account, Paystream (an easy to set up aggregated bank merchant account) and/or Paypal.

My Booking Manager merely acts as a secure encrypted connection to your bank, meaning the funds go directly into your merchant bank account. My Booking Manager does not hold your payments.

When setting up your  merchant account you will need to state which bank account you wish the credit card funds to be transferred to. One of the My Booking Manager reports allows you to reconcile all individual credit card payments with your merchant account deposits.

Which Payment Option Is Best For Me
Several options are outlined below. The benefits of each option will typically depend on how much each transaction is and how many transactions per month, plus the different fees charged by banks. The excel file (Merchant Accounts Compare.xlsx) below is provided to assist you decide which option may best suit your needs.

See also the graphical presentation on the different payment options - see file below: "Payment Options"

Option A: Paystream Merchant Account  (Plans for both small and high value transactions)
If you do not have a  credit card bank merchant account, Paystream offers a simple and very cost competitive solution to start taking on line credit card payments. Their Pro Plan offers a very competitive 1.7% merchant rate. While this plan has a small per transaction cost and low monthly fee, the low merchant rate can offset these costs compared to higher merchant rates. Their Standard Plan has no monthly fees and is ideal for low transaction amounts or for annual or once off  events that require payment.  Setup for a Paystream account can be as quick as a few business days.

Payments are securely processed in real time. Payment gateway fees are automatically debited from your bank account at the end of each month. All funds are settled into a holding account. The total amount of orders, less the Merchant Service Fee will be settled into your bank  account on a daily basis.

For more information please see the attached "Online Payment Process.pdf". To order a Paystream Merchant Account  CLICK HERE or contact Michael Smith, phone 1300 363 493 or email 

For details on the Paystream online application process and the information you will need download the Paystream Merchant Account Online Application Information.pdf document below.

Option B: SecurePay Online Payments (Also suits low cost transactions under $40)
Similarly, if you do not have a credit card bank merchant account, SecurePay offers another simple and cost effective solution to start taking on line credit card payments. The cost is just a flat 2.4% merchant rate with no per transaction or monthly costs. Setup is around one week. SecurePay Online Payments, combining a payment gateway plus a merchant account in the one, easy online application.  

SecurePay Online Payments accepts credit card payments from Australia’s two most popular credit cards – Visa and MasterCard. It also integrates with American Express, Diners Club International and PayPal, so it offers customers a range of payment choices.

For more information please see the attached "SecurePay brochure for businesses.pdf". To order a SecurePay Online Payments Account contact Jake Buckley at SecurePay Pty Ltd, Mobile 0491 220 422,  or email 

Option C: Paypal
You can use your PayPal account to immediately accept My Booking Manager payments. You simply include your Paypal email address in the project setup.

Banks will typically take at least two weeks to open a merchant account. The advantage with Paypal is it can be quicker and easier to setup. Please note your customers do not have to have a Paypal account to make a credit card payment for your event. However if they do, they have the optional benefit of making the payment from credit in their Paypal account.

Paypal fees for receiving domestic payments are competitive (see below). The decision as to whether you choose Paypal or a bank can depend on your volume of transactions and therefore how competitive the banks fees are. 

To set up a Paypal account click here. Click “Get Started” using the “Business” option and complete the form. Paypal offers phone support at 1800 729 725, Australia EST: 9am-5pm.

Option D: Your Own Credit Card Bank Merchant Account

As My Booking Manager is an online service, your bank will require you to have an online merchant account. An existing EFTPOS merchant facility is not acceptable. However once your online merchant account is setup you may wish to consider using your new online payment facility to accept all payments instead of an existing EFTPOS machine account, thereby saving duplicate merchant account costs. (credit card only though).

Once your account is approved you will need to email us the information received from your bank for us to complete the interface. (see below for details). Please note it typically takes a minimum 2 weeks for an online merchant account to be approved.
It is important to note that it is not necessary to have the online merchant account with the same bank as your normal trading account. It is quite common to use different banks.

When transacting payments, the payment form remains on the My Booking Manager page (unlike Paypal which is directed to the Paypal site). Each day, your merchant account bank will sum all the payments made and transfer a lump sum for the day to your nominated bank account.

My Booking Manager uses the SecurePay and Paystream payment gateways. A payment gateway is required to connect your bank merchant account to My Booking Manager.

An exception is St George bank where My Booking Manager has a direct link to St George Bank and therefore a payment gateway is not required. As such there are no additional payment gateway fees, other than your agreed bank and merchant fees.  (To contact St George Bank - Payment Solutions, phone: 1300 650 977, or email

What you need to request from your bank.
  1. Whichever bank you choose for your merchant account, you must request an online merchant account and fill in all the appropriate documentation that the bank gives you.
  2. For St George Applications, please request a “St George Bank API Solution Online Payment Gateway” product (as used for My Booking Manager).
  3. For all other banks listed above that are supported by SecurePay, please mention to your bank that you will be using the SecurePay Payment gateway.
  4. If you choose ANZ as your merchant account provider, this must be an ANZ EPOS account only.
What your bank will need from you.
As part of your application, your bank will require the following:
  1. Payment Terms and conditions displayed on your web site (refer to attached as a an example)
  2. All documentation filled in and sent back to them
  3. For associations – approval signatures from your board
What we require from your bank
Once your online merchant account has been approved, you will need to do the following:
1. St George Online Merchant Accounts:
- forward the approval email with attachments you will receive from the bank to
2. Other Banks
- complete the attached SecurePay form, including the Merchant Number and the Terminal ID and scan/email the completed form to

Which Banks Can I use With My Booking Manager?
Online merchant accounts with the following banks can be used with My Booking Manager:
- St George Bank (Preferred Bank Partner. No extra fees apply. See below)
- Bank of New Zealand
These banks are supported via the Payment Gateways:
- Westpac
- ANZ (ANZ EPOS product).
- BankWest
- Commonwealth Bank

Payment Gateways
  1. Paystream Gateway offers assistance setting up a merchant account with your bank. Click Here to order now or contact: Michael Smith, Phone 1300 363 493
  2. SecurePay: Contact Hami Shoghi 03 9245 6844,
Recommended Payment Options
  • If you have a Paypal Business or Premier account you can start collecting credit card payments immediately.
  • If you have an existing bank credit card merchant account, Paystream Gateway is recommended because of their quick within a business day setup time*
  • If you don't have either a PayPal or a bank credit card merchant account, a Paystream Merchant account is strongly recommended because they can normally have your account setup within just a few days*
*Plus allow typically one day for My Booking Manager to configure your merchant account

Credit Card Payment Options
Payment Options Merchant Account  Payment Gateway Notes
  Establishment Fee Monthly Fee Merchant Service Fee Fee Gateway Transaction  Fee
1 . Paystream Pro Plan  $0 $0 1.7% $15/month $0.25   per trans Setup within a few days. ***
2 . Paystream Standard Plan   $0 $0 2.2% $0
$0.30   per trans Setup within a few days.***
3. SecurePay Online Payments  $0 $0 2.4% $0
Setup approx. one week.
4. Paypal $0 $0 2.6% plus
$0.30 per trans
n/a n/a Instant payments with existing PayPal account.
5. Banks (St George Bank) $99 to $250 $30 to $60 1-3% per trans n/a n/a Can take over two weeks.
6. Banks (Other) Yes  * Yes  * 1-3% per trans
$185 pa
$0.15 per trans Can take over two weeks.
1) Costs excl gst. 

2) * Actual costs depend on each bank
3) **Additional SecurePay Internet Payment fees apply for connecting to banks other than St George.
4) *** Paystream rates apply for new accounts from 18/03/2015

Attachments: SecurePay_Sub_Merch_Agree_V3.pdf (1.1 mb)  termsConditions_PrivacyPolicyEx.html (1.4 kb)  Online Payment Process.pdf (158.4 kb)  SecurePay brochure for businesses.pdf (610.9 kb)  MerchantAccountsCompare(v3).xlsx (19.5 kb)  Paystream Merchant Account Online Application Information.pdf (682.7 kb)  Payment Options.pdf (388.7 kb) 

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