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How do I Reconcile My Booking Manager Payments with My Bank Account?
Two of the most commonly used reports in My Booking Manager are the Preview Registrations (for details on registrations) and the Attendee Financials (for reconciling payments).

To reconcile registration payments with your bank merchant account or PayPal account, use the Attendee Financials report, as follows:
  • Access the Attendee Financials  from Reports/ Report Builder / Financial Reports.  If required you can refine the report information using the different Selection Criteria drop down boxes.
  • Enter the data and time of the report period (in the format. eg: 21/8/2013 11:34:41 PM). This is useful in aligning daily payments with the lump sum payments made to your bank account.
  • Click "Attendee Financial Summary Report". This provided details all payment transactions for each registration. Down the bottom of the page, you can download a csv file which you can use to open up in Excel. This report provides a comprehensive record of each transaction. You can use this report to reconcile each My Booking Manager payment against your bank merchant account. If you are reconciling the lump sum payments made to your bank account, you can fine tune the data and time to align with the daily cut off time unique to your bank.
If reconciling Paypal payments, a useful Paypal report can be accessed from... My Account Tab /  View all my transactions / Select the date range / More (Select the "PDF - All Activity" report)  / - Select csv  .... download  / - open with excel. This report includes details for each event project along with fees and the net amount for each transaction.

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