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The Leading zero ("0") is missing from mobile and phone numbers
The problem occurs when a customer registers a phone number (eg 0419111999), when the csv file is opened in Excel it drops the leading zero.

This is not a problem with the csv file as you will note when the csv file is opened in a text editor, the leading 0 is there. The problem occurs when you open the csv file in Excel, it treats the phone number as a number and therefore drops the leading 0 (unless the number has spaces in it which it interprets as text).

Solution 1:
During the Excel import procedure, highlight the relevant phone number columns. Right click the highlighted column and select  "Format Cells". On the Number tab scroll down to Custom in the category window, and manually type in 0000000000 (for a phone number) in the Type window.

Solution 2:
1. Rename the registration csv file to give it a *.txt extension. 
2. Open the now *.txt file with Excel. This automatically starts the Text Import Wizard: 
  • Step 1 select Delimited
  • Step 2: Check Comma delimiter
  • Step 3: In the Data preview scroll to the right end and press shift and left click to highlight all columns. Then select Text as the Column Data Format. Then click Finish to import the file.
All the columns are now set to Text in order to retain the leading zeros.

 Last updated Tue, Jun 25 2013 9:00pm

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