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API to Pre Populate Registration Fields
If you maintain a data base of registrants on your own system, you can use that data base to pre-populate a registration form.
Obviously, you need some programming expertise to do this. A My Booking Manager API allows other web sites to interact with My Booking Manager by providing pre-populated data of registrants. This allows for example membership web sites to pre-populate event registrations fields in My Booking Manager.

My Booking Manager will accept registrant data in one of two different methods.
You can choose to use either of two methods:
XML via form post: This method uses a form post of a single element which contains an XML formatted string of the data fields being provided.
Individual elements via form post: This method uses a form post of individual elements for each data field being provided.

For details click here:

Note: a third querystring method (not documented) may also be provided on request, but this method shows the data to the registrant in the URL and is more limited on length of data.

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